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The Black Knight CPAP Protector Mat is an accessory every CPAP user should have. Many CPAP users experience the frustrating (and sometimes damaging) result of their CPAP machine being pulled off the nightstand from tossing and turning in bed.

The Black Knight can keep your CPAP machine in place with this cost-effective, non-slip silicone mat. Black Knight comes in two different sizes and addresses other common issues like: water spills, overheating, vibration and nightstand scratches.

Key features:
- Made with Non-Slip Silicone to help prevent your CPAP machine from falling off the table
- Available in two sizes: Black Knight (11.75" x 9") & Black Knight Plus (13.75" x 9")
- Protects against scratches, overheating and water spills
- Reduces noise and vibration

Black Knight Plus CPAP Protector Mat

SKU: CY-K8202
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