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**Due to a global shortage, availability of CPAP devices is limited and changing frequently. Call us for information on current stock availability. 


Comes complete with integrated heated humidifier, heated tubing, remote access and APP technology. Includes one trial mask plus one new mask (nasal, nasal pillows or full face) and 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. Additional 2 Year Dealer Support + Coverage also included.

**An appointment with a Registered Respiratory Therapist is required before delivery of this medical device

**Purchase of this CPAP device includes follow up by a Registered Respiratory Therapist

*We always recommend that new CPAP patients do a trial rental of equipment prior to purchasing a device. Renting provides the opportunity to try several mask models and find the one best suited for your needs prior to purchase. We have a 90 Day Trial Credit whereby you are entitled to a credit towards the purchase of a NEW CPAP device based on your paid 90 Day Trial invoice(s). Your purchase, however, must be completed prior to your 90 Day Trial expiry Date.

**Purchase of CPAP machines require a current prescription from a doctor




CPAP Bundle Package: B2 Fisher & Paykel Sleepstyle Auto CPAP

SKU: HA0004
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