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"Note: Free non-heated tubing included with the purchase of any mask !"

The AirPillow™ cushion inflates as air flows through the mask into the cushion and through the nasal passages.

Key features
- Adjustable headgear and the innovative AirPillow seal for a gentle, effective seal
- Short tube with swivel
- The headgear, short tube, and swivel all display a blue rim or blue hue highlighting the points by which each piece attach. The short tube connects to the opening in the nasal pillow cushion and the blue rim of the swivel connects to the end of the short tube. - Together, these components attach to the CPAP hose whereby pressure is sent from the machine to the mask to the user
- Washable diffuser and filter


*We often have Demo Masks available for ½ price. Call us for availability and details.

CPAP Mask: Fisher & Paykel Brevida Nasal Pillows

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