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"Note: Free non-heated tubing included with the purchase of any mask!"

Designed as a comfortable alternative to conventional CPAP masks, the Mirage Liberty™ full face mask offers a light frame, an open field of vision and minimum skin contact. The Mirage™ dual wall cushion and dual wall nasal pillows with trampoline action enhance comfort and seal at both points, reliably delivering quiet therapy and a good night's sleep.

Key features
- Convenient. The Mirage Liberty offers a versatile fit range, and the comfortable headgear provides an easy first-time fit.
- Adaptable. The Mirage Liberty ships with three pillow sizes to offer a greater fit range.
- User-friendly. The user support package is comprehensive and the design is minimalist, making the mask easy to use and comfortable to wear.


*We often have Demo Masks available for ½ price. Call us for availability and details.

CPAP MASK: ResMed Mirage Liberty

SKU: 61301
  • Please call for availability

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