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"Note: Free non-heated tubing included with the purchase of any mask !"

The first-ever gel mask to offer the ResMed standard of performance and quality, the Mirage SoftGel™ nasal mask combines a lightweight, streamlined frame with the exceptional comfort of DoubleGel cushioning. The streamlined forehead support and 24-position MicroFit dial are designed to accommodate a wide variety of patients.

Key features
- Comfortable. The double-layer DoubleGel cushion features a softer, outer clear gel layer and a more stable inner gel layer to ensure maximum support.
- Effective. Breath-O-Prene headgear provides a secure, comfortable fit without over-tightening or strap marks.
Quiet. Groundbreaking ventilation system and elbow construction diffuse air quietly and softly away from patients and their partners.
- Flexible. The 360° swivel elbow and quiet diffuser vents let patients position the tubing wherever they want for maximum freedom of movement.
- Convenient. The set-and-forget headgear clips reduces the need for readjustment and can be easily adjusted with a single hand (even while lying down).


*We often have Demo Masks available for ½ price. Call us for availability and details.

CPAP MASK: ResMed Mirage Softgel

SKU: 61600
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