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Please note: There is currently a global shortage of CPAP devices. Customers are encouraged to contact our office for availability. Reach us at 1-800-563-0770 .

HorizonAire Medical Oxygen Services

We have a Price Match Guarantee

If at the time of your HorizonAire set-up you find a lower price on an identical item from a local competitor, simply show us that lower price and we will match it on the spot. Even if you find a lower price throughout the duration of your rental contract, we’ll match it. Guaranteed!

If you are a new CPAP patient

A face to face consultation with one of our Registered Respiratory Therapists is MANDATORY (at no additional cost)  with purchase of a CPAP device. In some cases, we may be able to provide this service virtually where the patient is not able to physically visit our office. 

With CPAP device purchase from HorizonAire

With CPAP device purchase from HorizonAire, new CPAP users enjoy a more personal and professional consultation resulting in a better overall experience and higher success rate in using the CPAP. You will meet with one of our skilled Registered Respiratory Therapists  who will review the various options that are available and recommend the device and appropriate accessories for your particular needs. Also, we strongly recommend you have a trial rental prior to purchase. We carry over 50 different types and styles of masks.  You are able to try on and sample different mask types and trial them at home to find out what is most comfortable and effective for you at no additional charge. If CPAP therapy treatment works successfully for you, our rental policy allows you to apply your rental fees as a down payment toward the purchase of a CPAP device (maximum $450.00), providing you purchase within your first 90 days.

Insurance companies

It is important to know that most insurance companies cover some or all of the costs for CPAP machines and accessories. Many will cover replacement of the device every 5 years (as recommended by most manufacturers) as well as mask replacements every 6 months. You should check with your insurance provider to see if you may be covered.

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