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ResMed Safety Notice

Please read the entirety of the attached safety notice from ResMed regarding updates to the contraindications and warnings on the safe use of ResMed masks with magnets. A summary of the information is presented below. Please call our office and speak with a representative for further advisement if the below conditions apply to you, and you are currently using a magnetic mask from ResMed that was purchased from HorizonAire. 

Updated Contraindications:

Masks with magnetic components are contraindicated for use by patients where they, or anyone in close physical contact while using the mask, have the following: 


Active medical implants that interact with magnets (i.e., pacemakers, implantable cardioverter defibrillators, neurostimulators, cerebrospinal fluid shunts, and insulin/infusion pumps) 


Metallic implants/objects containing ferromagnetic material (i.e., aneurysm clips/flow disruption devices, embolic coils, stents, valves, electrodes, implants to restore hearing or balance with implanted magnets, ocular implants, and metallic splinters in the eye). 


Updated Warning:

Keep the mask magnets at a safe distance of at least 6 inches (150mm) away from implants or medical devices that may be adversely affected by magnetic interference. This warning applies to you or anyone in close contact with your mask. The magnets are in the frame and lower headgear clips, with a magnetic strength of up to 400mT. When worn, they connect to secure the mask but may inadvertently detach while asleep.


Implants/medical devices, including those listed within contraindications, may be adversely affected if they change function under external magnetic fields or contain ferromagnetic materials that attract/repel to magnetic fields (some metallic implants, e.g., contact lenses with metal, dental implants, metallic cranial plates, screws, burr hole covers, and bone substitute devices). Consult your physician and manufacturer of your implant/other medical device for information on the potential adverse effects of magnetic fields.

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