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Oxygen Is Essential – That’s Why We’re On-Call 24/7


Looking for a safe, dependable, complete and convenient source for medical gas cylinders in Newfoundland or Labrador? Relax, your search is over. With over 20 years of experience and an expert team unmatched for their dedication, HorizonAire has the lightweight aluminum oxygen cylinders you need… and the experience you can trust. 

Our comprehensive medical cylinder gas product line includes medical grade oxygen, nitrogen and nitrous oxide, as well as dry ice.

With a diverse range of customers, including hospital and nursing homes, private ambulance operations, fire departments, offshore vessels, veterinary hospitals, dentists and medical clinics, you can trust HorizonAire to handle your medical cylinder gas needs. We have a proven record of excellence.

hospital with an ambulance and helicopter
Medical Gas Cylinder
medical equipment specs

Earning Your Trust Means Everything: Here’s What Our Customers Are Saying…

Excellent Service

"I would recommend HorizonAire above other oxygen suppliers because they provide excellent service and pricing." 

– John H.


Great Staff and Technicians

"HorizonAire’s service is excellent, especially the staff and technicians who visit my home and carefully check my oxygen, pulse, heart rate, etc."

– Gerald W.



HorizonAire develops a delivery schedule customized to your needs, keeping your supply topped up at all times. It's one less thing to worry about; you'll always have peace-of-mind knowing you'll constantly have an adequate supply of the product.


FREE DELIVERY: Our once-a-month delivery service is FREE! Our experienced driver ensures you maintain adequate stock. No more wasted staff time picking up refills.


Cylinder Tracking

Losing track of cylinders is frustrating and costly. We're in the Oxygen business too and we understand the challenges. So rest easy, HorizonAire provides you with a Cylinder Tracking Statement every month, making it easy to monitor your inventory and ensure accuracy.

Cylinder Tracking


Keep your cylinders conveniently stored and easily accessible with cylinder storage racks, available to rent or purchase directly from HorizonAire. There's a solution to accommodate almost every application and need.

On-Call 24/7-365

Got an emergency? Our on-call service will be there for you.

On Call 24/7-365

New Account Offers

Demurrage/Rental Fees : As an introductory offer, there are no demurrage/rental fees for 30 days on a new account set-up. Thereafter, cylinder demurrage fees only apply if your rotation is less than 25 cylinders/month. All sizes included.


No Fuss, No Worries, Price Match Guarantee : Just show us our competitor's price and our price match is guaranteed, including demurrage plus an extra 10% discount on your first order.

New Account Offers
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